GPA-NMGC is proud to announce our continuing participation in the Race For Adoption program.

Race For Adoption is the brainchild of former Greyhound trainer Dennis McKeon. The idea was to have a Greyhound racing for the direct support of an adoption group. Basically, a dog is 'donated' to the adoption group of the owners' choosing and the winnings from that dog are given to the chosen group. There are currently 5 Greyhounds Racing For Adoption across the country. You can learn more about Race For Adoption on their website at www.raceforadoption.com.

GPA-NMGC welcomes its newest Race For Adoption dog, Miracle Man. Also known as "Sam", Miracle Man was donated by Dick Ciampa and Linda Russi. Miracle Man is currently at Wheeling Downs with the Douglas Kennel and has already won several races at the nation's top racetrack! Dick and Linda will be donating 20% of his winnings to GPA-NMGC.

Sam with Joey Douglas

Miracle Man got his name thanks to GPA-NMGC volunteers John and Carrie Atkins. The naming rights for "Sam" were donated for an eBay auction to raise money for the medical bills of "Fancy", the greyhound who had gotten loose and was hit by a car. Dick and Linda then donated "Sam" as a Race For Adoption dog.

Sam in action: On the Parade to Post before his race on 5/29/2011
(Photos by Beth Cooper)

Our deepest thanks to Dick and Linda for donating this wonderful pup.

Race replays: Watch for free!

Video replays are available through trackinfo.com for free, up to 30 days after a race takes place. You may click this link to be taken to the Trackinfo page for Sam's available replays. There are no replays for official-schooling or "qualifying" races; those are indicated with a gray background below.

After clicking on that link above, click on a date or race # to view that replay. You may have to install a Windows Media Player plugin to be able to view the videos.


(see below the chart for a glossary of terms)

DatePf/R#CndDistGrWinTmPPCallsFinLngRTimeOddsCommentAlso Ran#D
6/19/2012A9F548AA29.8068882131.274.5No ContenderWW Kay BoxerFlying HoganRS's Locomotive8
6/13/2012A9F548AA29.6568881630.7628.0No MishapsWWK Cold MarchFlying Hawk BoyBraska Mabeline8
6/8/2012E3F548AA29.868666930.5316.9Off Slowly, InsideWW's Power PuffWinning FairFlying Stafford8
6/1/2012A16M548A30.166321130.164.7Up In Time, MidtrackJax HannibalSE's Bobby BoyWW's Rush8
5/25/2012E14F548A29.705666830.257.6Bumped 1st TurnLazy K Oak HillKB's Strike OffAnthology8
5/18/2012E14F548A29.8586651530.896.0Blocked EarlyFlying HabaneroWS KentuckyderbyKiowa Mystic Jo8
5/11/2012E7F548AA29.8858881230.736.3Outrun, MidtrackBlack Magic BonzKiowaWW PackersAMF Set The Bar8
5/5/2012E11F548AA29.8658661030.6119.1Bumped 1st Turn, MidtrackDark ArmyGrand IsleKiowa Onyx8
4/28/2012E11F548AA29.8986661030.6110.7Never Varied, MidtrackGrand IsleWalt HeroCTW Quintessence8
4/21/2012E14F548A30.04112131230.044.4Box To Wire, MidtrackFlying BradfordPC's Seneca RockAMF Set The Bar8
4/14/2012A3F548A30.223234230.4015.1Hard TryCTW Carpool MomCTW Hurry ScurryGLS Ambrosio8
4/6/2012A3F548AA30.0388861230.9113.8Offstrided 1st TurnFlesk FlyerGrumpy LumpyUhaul Woody8
3/30/2012S1F548--30.324565930.95--No MishapsAtascocita AngusFlying StaffordFlying Windemere7
2/10/2012A9F548AA30.0168881731.2223.2Never a FactorAMF Ex PresidentKiowa BingKiowa WW Rob8
2/3/2012A3F548AA30.4168881431.3910.1Close Quarters EarlyKiowa BingSerene Az LakenWS Kentuckyderby8
1/28/2012A9F548AA30.184442230.315.3Late Rush, MidtrackEpic TrentFlying WalkaboutWW Kay Sun8
1/22/2012A7F548AA30.2285551331.1319.6Evenly, MidtrackAtascocita DanteWW's Kay QuarterExplosive Trent8
1/15/2012A3F548AA30.254542630.7116.8Steady Gain, MidtrackWWK Win DayOverlordAtascocita Dante8
1/8/2012A12F548AA30.614553130.716.4Late Rush, MidtrackFlying WalkaboutOverlordRed Rooster Bonz8
1/3/2012A5F548AA30.457554530.805.0Hard Try, MidtrackKiowa WW ReppWJS Mister CleanJamall8
12/28/2011A14F548AA29.931443630.401.5Game Effort, MidtrackDesperate TrailGrumpy LumpyBraska Presto6
12/21/2011A10F548AA29.8321131729.831.6Drawing Out, MidtrackFlyin RavenswoodBraska PrestoFlying Bassey8
12/12/2011A12F548AA30.175442130.257.9Almost Up, MidtrackFlying WalkaboutAura BellaUhaul Woody7
12/7/2011A10F548AA30.0536671130.8416.7Bumped 1st TurnFlying BasseyKiowa BingCTW Perfecto Rio8
12/2/2011E12F548AA30.261544530.657.9Game EffortFlying WalkaboutWW Kay SnowEpicenter8
11/26/2011A19F548A29.942221hd29.943.5Closed FastFlying BloomSovereign LadyCTW Nocturnal8
11/20/2011A7F548AA29.8544451430.8612.9No Mishaps, InsideAMF Ex PresidentGrand IsleValuable Cargo8
11/16/2011A6M548AA30.283333630.748.7Game Effort, MidtrackSkate LaddWW's RushKiowa Boelte8
11/11/2011A4F548AA30.428556931.0713.6No Mishaps, MidtrackAMF Ex PresidentWW Kay SnowKB's Nantucket8
11/4/2011A9F548AA29.908334830.457.3Outfinished, MidtrackScoundrelCTW Born FreeFlying Favreau8
10/29/2011E14F548AA30.092333330.314.7Chased WinnerCTW Sea QueenFlying BacharachRed Rooster Bonz8
10/23/2011A12F548AA30.851221nk30.854.0Came Again, InsideCTW MilitiaStarz AllnaturalKiowa Grand Girl8
10/19/2011A10F548AA29.635222229.7620.5Chased WinnerFlying DorseyKiowa Lazy JayAMF Effigy8
10/14/2011A7F548AA29.817666730.2917.4No Threat, MidtrackWW Kay SunBob's DooleyBlackjack Beaver8
10/7/2011E12F548AA29.755555830.3321.0Never VariedYahoo YvonneKute KingsleyWW's Power Puff8
9/30/2011A20F548A30.025321330.026.2Stretch Rush, InsideKiowa Mystic JonU Too SuttonNine Mile8
9/24/2011A13F548B31.0782211 31.07 2.6 Stretch Rush, Midtrack RC Hammer Down B's Star Lite Phil It Up 8
9/19/2011A14F548A29.9276651130.724.5No MishapsCTW PonytailTexas RangerLeo Kat8
9/14/2011A10F548A29.717443229.907.0Always a ThreatSusanna SalterTexas RangerAMF Baroness8
9/9/2011E5F548A30.0784351230.935.5Outfinished, InsideFlying ArchBlackjack IgniteBraska Brave8
9/2/2011E14F548A29.6767761230.521.7Jammed Far TurnBraska DagwodGrumpy LumpyFlying Magnet8
8/26/2011E14F548A29.762533630.223.4Late Threat, MidtrackWindy ChefBraska PrestoSomerset8
8/20/2011A4F548AA29.648555429.9115.1Never Varied, MidtrackOpie WinstonKiowa WW RomeroKB's Ruckus8
8/14/2011A7F548AA29.591444630.003.4Tiring Late, InsideKiowa Grand GirlAMF MarionetteGable Hot Dog8
8/10/2011A4F548AA29.8547771731.037.9Collided 1st TurnFlying DorseyKiowa WW RomeroAMF Ex President8
8/5/2011E14F548A29.59412131 429.593.2Quick CommandBraska AudiWW's Sugar RayAura Bella8
7/30/2011S1F548--29.89114171729.89--Easily, MidtrackTop ShotWW Sally AllySpiritus Sancti4
7/16/2011E4F548AA29.665444530.0015.0Evenly, MidtrackDouble LoopKiowa WW DeveraFriendly Outlaw8
7/10/2011A4F548AA30.196446830.7413.6Tiring Late, MidtrackBlack Magic BonzDouble LoopFlying Chattaroy8
7/4/2011S1F548--30.212221130.21--Up In Time, MidtrackFlying RainelleUhaul WoodyFlying Bassey4
6/10/2011A9F548AA30.1236661731.3016.8Never Varied, InsideFlying BloomWW's Sugar RayKelsos Cumudgin8
6/4/2011E4F548AA29.945333130.064.1Always A ThreatWW Lonesome DoveCry TritonFair Share7
5/29/2011A11F548AA29.804233129.918.0Challenged LeaderFlying Lita FordKB's NantucketKiowa Lazy John8
5/23/2011A11F548AA29.846567730.3815.6No MishapsKiowa Lazy JohnWW Lonesome DoveBraska Audi8
5/18/2011A10F548AA29.5678771030.2510.4Bumped 1st TurnBlackjack BeaverCry RudiPC's Seneca Rock8
5/13/2011A9F548AA29.732222229.8816.1Chased WinnerFun In The RainPC's Seneca RockFlying Bailey8
5/6/2011A14F548AA29.847566830.4112.2Tiring Late, MidtrackYahoo UtahKiowa Lazy JohnStarz Cry Crunch8
4/30/2011E11F548AA30.1177671030.8311.8Went Wide 1st TurnWW's CowboysYahoo UtahEddie Outlaw8
4/24/2011A16F548A29.825221229.824.5Driving Win, InsidePositive LightCruisen CocoKiowa Villanueva8
4/18/2011A20F548A29.693222329.896.5Chased WinnerEddie OutlawSomerset HillsWW Crystal Zach8
4/13/2011A18F548A29.744222229.895.4Chased WinnerGable LondonTomco YudamanCTW Peacemaker8
4/8/2011A20F548A29.677322730.1616.2Best of Rest, MidtrackCTW Rough ShodLivin Inur RadioBella Murphy8
4/2/2011A20F548A30.127766630.568.2Shutoff 1st TurnCBJ ShamrockValuable CargoGable London8
3/26/2011A16F548A30.128666830.708.1Never VariedJK's Lil ChickenBlack Magic BonzBD's Raven8
3/20/2011A12F548B30.002111330.003.5Easily, InsideBlind SideKiowa AquamarineKay Sara Isabele8
3/14/2011S2F548--30.255533830.81--Late GainAstarblackmagicGable AliceKiowa Vancleave6
2/21/2011A8F548B29.9863451030.7110.9Weakened StretchScoundrelYahoo UltimoWW Sugar Glider8
2/16/2011A15F548B30.696456831.275.4No Excuse, MidtrackKiowa Lazy JillBraska FritzWW Sugar Glider8
2/11/2011A19F548B29.712222329.957.9Closed Ground, InsideLS Rex FosterWW Lucky TinkerCraigie Leader8
2/5/2011E6F548B30.1274461230.9611.8Weakened StretchKiowa Fire FloCTW RockslideGable Bah8
1/29/2011E12F548B30.355433230.486.3Good Effort, InsidePals MileyStarz Super AceDriven To Win7
1/23/2011A8F548C30.5211211 DH330.528.5Dead Heat WinStarz Super Ace(DH)Kiowa Jett JadeKiowa Cat Curt8
1/17/2011A3F548C30.727876831.273.4Never ProminentOaks Gem BrandyCTW CosmopolitanNine Mile8
1/10/2011A10F548C30.354333330.605.3Good Effort, MidtrackTJ's Im A FelonBD's O'MalleyMiss Adios8
1/3/2011A8F548C30.8254581331.782.3Faded, MidtrackWTD Get ReadyLion HeartedSusanna Salter8
12/29/2010A13F548C30.656322430.9410.2Hard Try, MidtrackCTW PotpourriStarz Easy DoneSlatex Misty8
12/18/2010A12F548C30.071234730.586.1Early Speed, MidtrackSuper C Ace HighWW's Happy DaysTakingitpersonal7
12/11/2010E13F548C30.045224530.4110.6Outfinished, MidtrackKiowa VillanuevaKelsos NaomiMega Meyers8
12/4/2010A1F548M30.3911131430.398.8Drawing OutKiowa Grand GusGit N RaquelSack Full8
11/29/2010A1F548M30.7056661431.715.9Collided 1st TurnAMF ExgirlfriendMac's RoadrunnerWindy Vestas8
11/22/2010S3F548--30.3373331231.17--Benefitted 1st TurnRiverview DeniAMF Ex DancerSan Tan Tomahawk8
11/19/2010S4F548--30.8421111230.89--Caught Near WireUhaul WoodyHot And SweatySack Full7
11/15/2010S4F548--29.6844441530.76--EvenlySlick IreneAMF Quick StudyKiowa Vargas8

Pf/R#: Performance and race number. A=Afternoon, E=Evening, S=Official Schooling (think of them as "qualifying races"; there is no wagering on schooling races)
Cnd: Track condition. F=Fast (normal), S=Slow (track may be deeper or wetter than usual), M=Muddy
Dist: Distance of the race, measured in yards
Gr: Grade of the race. There are no grades for official-schooling races; 'M' stands for Maiden, for dogs who are under 2 years old and have not won a race; the other grades are AA-A-B-C-D from highest to lowest. Dog moves up in grade by winning a race, and moves down in grade by running 4th or worse a set number of times depending on the grade.
WinTm: Racing time of the winner of this race, in seconds
PP: Sam's starting post position in the box
Calls: Sam's positions during the race. First number: Break-- two or three strides out of the box; Second number: 1/8th call-- roughly, exiting the 1st turn in a 548-yard race, or passing the finish line on the 1st lap in a 678-yard race; Third number: Far turn-- at the apex of the last turn of the race. (If leading, a small number with the position indicates how many approximate lengths in front of the 2nd-place dog he is; see "Lng" below)
Fin: Finishing position; DH="dead heat", which is a tie for that position.
Lng: Winning lengths or beaten lengths. A "length" is .07 of a second, roughly the time it takes the full length of a dog to pass a given point at speed. "ns"=nose, .01 of a second; "hd"=head, .02 of a second; "nk"=neck, .03 of a second; ""=half a length, anywhere from .04 to .06 of a second. For a winner, this number is the lengths in front of the 2nd-place finisher; for all other finishers, this is the number of lengths behind the winner.
RTime: Running time of Sam, in seconds
Odds: This number is the wagering odds, ___-to-1, for Sam at post time based on the number of bets received for Sam to finish 1st. A lower number means more people were wagering on him.
Comment: Chartwriter's comment; all dogs in a race receive a comment, can be used to illustrate any trouble encountered during a race.
Also Ran: The three top finishers in the race, or, if Sam finished in the top 3, the other 3 runners in the top 4. For example, if Sam won, these names would be the 2nd-, 3rd-, and 4th-place finishers; if Sam finished 3rd, these names would be the 1st-, 2nd-, and 4th-place finishers.
#D: Number of dogs in the race.