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Fancy updates:

May 16, 2010. Sidney, now known as Fancy, was finally found! At 9:20am Sunday, May 16, Candy Beck, at Balloon Fiesta Park with the hounds for Celtic Festival, received a phone call from a gentleman who had just spotted Fancy in an arroyo behind the Mariposa Park in Taylor Ranch. Luckily volunteers Lisa and Kent Elrod were still in the area. A quick call to Lisa's cell alerted them to the sighting. Quickly arriving at the park, Lisa headed into the arroyo with greyhound Paris. As she was walking up the arroyo, a woman came from an adjoining arroyo and said she had not seen a greyhound. Lisa kept walking, when all of a sudden, Fancy was walking toward her. She was only using 3 of her legs (as reported) but walked right past Lisa. Lisa turned to follow and Fancy suddenly stopped and turned around. Lisa calmly kneeled down as she was attempting to get the cat food and water from her backpack. Fancy came up to Lisa and put her head against her chest; she was finally safe and wanted to give up.

Fancy was immediately taken to the Albuquerque Emergency and Veterinary Specialty Hospital. She was met there by fellow searchers Jennifer Van Wiel and Greg Garrett, along with their greyhounds. She was immediately taken back to an exam room and all her searchers, both 2-leggers and 4-leggers, were able to join her for support and comfort.

Greg and ParisParis
Sammy (bd.) and Faythe (white)Greg and Rios

Fancy settled down in the safety of Lisa's lap.

. . .

X-rays were taken, and it was determined that Fancy had a broken pelvis resulting from being hit by a car. It was assumed that it happened either late Saturday night or early Sunday morning, as a previous sighting two days prior did not indicate any limping.

. . .

May 17, 2010. Greg Garrett and Candy Beck visited Fancy at the hospital. They were able to meet with the Orthopedic Surgeon, Dr. Peter Schwarz. He explained the situation. Fancy's options:
1. Euthanasia (no option for us)
2. FHO - Femoral Head Ostectomy: details.
3. Reconstruction of the pelvis: Dr. Schwarz said in Fancy's case, the odds of success were about 50:50.
4. Amputation

We directed him to attempt the reconstruction, with the FHO as a backup. While reconstruction is more invasive and aggressive, it could offer a chance for better mobility and quality of life. The difference between reconstruction and FHO: if reconstruction is successful, it is like a ball and socket joint on one of those old desk-pen sets. The joint rotates without flexing. The FHO, by comparison, will produce something akin to a bendy straw joint. It will still have some mobility and range of motion, but in a dog as large as Fancy, it's unlikely to produce a normal gait, and some muscle atrophy is likely to occur from the uneven effort of the two back legs. Either will require post-op recuperation in the form of walks, range-of-motion exercises and massage to try to maximize strength and range of motion. The reconstruction is more invasive and will require more rehab.

Dr. Schwarz hoped to do Fancy's surgery that afternoon, but that depended on her chest x-rays and blood work.

Update, Monday afternoon, May 17. Fancy's x-ray showed air in her chest. She will not have the planned surgery in the afternoon. She will be monitored overnight. She has a fever and her blood work was a little off. They will watch her respiration over night and if it worsens will draw air out with a needle or, if needed, a chest tube. It is hoped that it will dissipate on its own.

. . .

Tuesday, May 18, 2010. Fancy's hip is not the end of the problem. The air in her chest seems to be taking care of itself but there is now fluid building in the abdomen; this is called Ascites. It could be fluid leaking from her bladder, kidney, liver or spleen. Blood work is now being done to see if it is coagulating properly. Since Fancy was out for 14 days the vet says we have to look at other things such as the possibility of poison, i.e. rat poison, etc., besides the trauma. If it is a bladder tear, this can be easily fixed during her surgery. Additional blood work is going to be done, also an abdominal ultrasound to look at her organs. This will add an additional $600 to her bill. They will do surgery based on what they see. If ultrasound is inconclusive then they will need to open her abdomen up and see what is going on. This is pushing surgery back yet again.

Update... The ultrasound showed no damage to her spleen, liver, kidneys or bladder. Her albumin is off and so are her white cells. Her heart rate is also very slow, but may be due to her weakened condition and trauma. They are putting off surgery yet another day and giving her "groceries". She'll get Ensure and an appetite stimulant. Fancy was offered regular food and scarfed it down. They will continue to offer regular food every 4 hours.

Tuesday, May 18, afternoon. Lisa visited and made the following update. Fancy scarfed down more food. Her ravenous appetite is great. Her heart rate is still too slow to do surgery but hopefully this will change overnight/tomorrow. No arrhythmia and her heart beat is normal. Her white blood cell count is high and she still has a fever of 103. Her albumin is lower than when she was brought in, causing, they believe, the fluid accumulating under the skin. Dr. Schwarz said the FHO would be the most likely outcome he expects when he gets in there. Fancy was resting well and really came to life when she smelled her neighbor's food. She enjoys her head up on a pillow. The bill so far is $1500.

. . .

Wednesday, May 19: morning. Candy got a call from the Vet this morning and made the following update. Nothing much has changed. Albumin still too low, liver values still not right. They are starting her on Hepa Starch in an IV with plasma. She is still on IV antibiotics. Her fever is still 103. She is eating and drinking, has developed a soft pasty stool, so is on an anti-diarrhea medication. Her right hind leg is completely swollen all the way up and she now has some swelling in her left hind leg around the hock. It is pretty apparent that there will be no surgery today. The tab is now $1700.

Wed., May 19, afternoon. Lisa is visiting Fancy, she just sent this update. Dr. Deeb just popped his head in to tell Lisa that they're making some headway! The edema is reducing and her heart rate is getting more in normal range. He's going to talk to Dr. Schwarz about possible surgery tomorrow. Cross your fingers!

. . .

Thurs., May 20. Fancy will have her surgery today. Pre-op to start at 1pm. They will probably do the FHO procedure. If that cannot be done, then they will need to amputate, but that would not be done today. After surgery is done she will no longer be an emergency patient, that account will be closed out. She will become a surgery patient.

1:30pm. Pre-op has begun on Fancy.

4:50pm. Surgery is finished. Dr. Aragon just called. He said they performed the FHO procedure. He said the pelvis was very traumatized. It was broken into 4 pieces. The head kept getting locked in the pelvis, this will prevent that. Fancy also had a muscle tear. She will never have appropriate function of the left rear leg but will be able to get around and have good quality of life. Worst-case scenario is she could still need an amputation, but he doesn't expect that to be necessary. They will continue to try to get the edema down. They will also watch her liver values as she also had a bruised liver.

Fancy will need rehab and it will probably be 6 months before she can get around somewhat normally. Bottom line is, she came through the surgery fine and is resting well. She is a fighter and a survivor and if she doesn't quit on us, we sure won't quit on her.

. . .

Friday, May 21, 2010. Received a call from the Vet Hospital. Fancy had a good night and was calm and comfortable. Her blood work looked good and Dr. Aragon said she could go home. I immediately called Lisa Elrod, would be Fancy's new Mom and would pick her up from the hospital. I reached Lisa while she was still in her garage getting ready to go visit Fancy. Much joyful yelling ensued.

Update... We all just received the following email from Lisa letting all the Volunteers and Fancy lovers know how she is doing in her new home.

We're home and Fancy's now having her first nap after scarfing a big meal and a drink of water! We're to give her lots of calories and protein, as much as she wants. She's walking very, very slowly with the help of a sling. For the first few weeks, we're to do several 5-min. walks each day, massage, ice, and manual range-of-motion exercises - as much as she'll tolerate. Unlike the typical rehab for FHO, we will need to increase the walks to longer lengths much more gradually because she has the added pelvic fractures to deal with, and they said it would be 6 months for full recovery.

Right now she doesn't have a Cone of Shame on her, and if she continues to leave the sutures alone, we can leave it that way. There is no bandaging and we just need to watch the incision for infection, drainage, etc.

She's on antibiotics, pain med (as needed), and S-Adenosyl (a nutritional supplement). She also has a med for roundworm, poor girl, which they found in her stool sample. She had one treatment for that this morning, and I have 2 more here to give her on 2 later dates.

She also has fleas. They gave her a topical for them, but we're not to do Frontline/Advantix for another month because of her weakened liver, which has to work extra hard to deal with the toxicity of those products. Until this topical can kill all those little buggers, we're to keep her from physical contact with our other dogs so we don't spread the love. They can all socialize through the ex-pen until then.

We've cleared the furniture out of our front room and set up 2 ex-pens, lined it with blankets and a fluffy bed. After her lunch, she immediately nestled into the bed for a nap, awwww.

The surgery report includes the following:
"The prognosis is good to fair for return to improved limb function, usage, and comfort. Infection, incision opening, limited range-of-motion of the hip joint, nerve injury from the unknown trauma, seroma formation and muscle fatigue after exercise resulting in soreness and lameness are potential postoperative complications."

We have a follow-up appointment scheduled for Friday, June 4th. The next follow-up will be in 8 weeks.

More updates and pictures later! Thank you all so much, Kent and I feel so privileged to have her here, it's truly our benefit, and the pouring on of love will never stop!

Another brief update followed...

Kent came home for lunch and ate while sitting with and loving on Fancy. She appreciated him sharing his turkey with her. :) Paris and Gracie have now met her through the ex-pen and it was very uneventful, lol. Fancy didn't even bother getting up to introduce herself, the Princess that she is.

. . .

Saturday, May 22, 2010. Morning email from Lisa:

Good morning aunties and uncles and grandparents,
Fancy's doing incredible! She ate multiple meals yesterday and had a big breakfast this morning. Yesterday afternoon, she pooped out some pudding all over the back of her legs, but this morning's deposit on the lawn has more shape to it. (I know you're all dying to know that information, lol. At least I didn't include a photo.) I guess with all the changes in her food, it is not surprising. She comes to life when the treat bowl comes out and scarfs them down too. She's not showing any signs yet of being skittish to either Kent or myself. Here's your "aaawwww" for today: when she needed to go out in the middle of the night to pee, she actually wagged her tail when I was approaching her!!! I cried. This girl is going to make a mess of me.

She's tolerating lots of range-of-motion exercises and loves the massage. Swelling is greatly reduced, but plenty of fluid still remains and gravity keeps it down low on her leg so we're massaging it up and out to help keep it moving along.

She is using her leg when we walk VERY slowly but otherwise she wants to cheat and kind of hop without bearing weight on it. We've got her number though, ha! It's amazing how strong she already is and when she needs to potty and is heading towards her perfect spot in the yard we've got to hold her back. It's going to be a long time till she's off a leash in the yard.

Evening update...
Fancy has had 4 meals today plus treats and 4 short 5-min walks very very slowly in the back yard. She loves the massages after we ice and then do exercises. She laid in the cool grass for a bit too, while I rubbed on her. She had her first visitors; Del brought Kayla over and both were amazed at how thin she is. She's moving around even better tonight than this morning, putting a bit more weight on her leg. I'm writing from my phone while icing her, she's been whining a bit and is probably hurting.

She licked her incision once today while enjoying the sun in the grass so we're watching like a hawk. We're finding boo-boos all over her little body to clean up, poor girl.

Her last poop was much improved from last night. Last night she woke up twice, let's see how tonight goes. I'm wondering if her tummy is bothering her from the roundworms because she's got some bad-smelling gas.

More tomorrow!

. . .

Sunday, May 23, 2010. Morning update from Lisa, with pictures...

What a glorious morning to wake up and be greeted with significant tail wagging from Fancy!!! She wagged until she ran out of energy, while giving me around-my-neck hugs!!!! She must be feeling better today and we are SO thrilled at how quickly she is progressing.

She scarfed a big breakfast with the pack, strolled the yard, and with less wobbling than yesterday she left a much improved poop in the grass. She was so anxious for breakfast she started helping herself out of the bin before we had it prepared, lol.

We're giving her a high quality kibble and mixing in additional meat or egg or fish for added protein. She'll eat 2 cups at once, and 4 times a day. She's going to put weight on fast at this rate!

Last night she only woke up once at 1am to pee, then slept the rest of the night until this fabulous morning greeting. Did I say significant wagging? OMG it was truly the best sight for sore eyes ever, I still can't believe it.

She prefers to walk without the help of the sling now and is applying more weight on her leg than yesterday. She isn't doing as much "skipping". The swelling is greatly reduced...

...and her incision looks great...
...and so far she's still leaving it alone - she heard us threaten the Cone of Shame or a muzzle.

She's quickly learned where her feeding spot is in the kitchen, and leads us to the back door when she's on a mission to go potty in her favorite poop place in the yard that she tries to jog to; we have to hold her back. She's really perked up and shows more interest in looking around at all the sights in the yard.

Time to go do massage and ice and range-of-motion exercises now, more news as we have it.

Afternoon update...

Oh my gosh we are having so much fun with this sweetie and it's only our 3rd day. Fancy got a bath today in the sun to wash off all the dirt and grime and greasy flea killer, and we cleaned out her filthy ears. She is so soft and fluffy now, and her colors look much more bright and vibrant, how could she not feel better? No sign of fleas so she's now able to socialize with the pack and move more freely around outside of her pen. She found a rug to circle 7 times and lay down on after a big lunch which included some hand feeding of salmon, yum yum.

Right away Kee, the resident blind cat who is Fancy's Mini-Me, introduced herself and both approved.

Check out Fancy's forward flopping ear in that photo, we love that her ears go all over the place.

She is feeling remarkably better today than yesterday and can already potty without messing her hind legs. The swelling is reducing by the hour. Her incision must be starting to itch because she's occasionally wanting to lick it, so when we're not watching, we have to put on the muzzle with a poop cup. Hopefully we can avoid the Cone of Shame. We're all enjoying the air conditioning that Kent hooked up yesterday, aaaaaaah.

. . .

Monday, May 24, 2010. Lisa writes...

Good morning,

Can this only be day 4? Last night instead of sleeping in her confinement area, Fancy slept in our room with us and the rest of the pack and didn't make a peep all night. This morning she came to life with everyone else, and her first steps from her bed were right to me as I sat on the edge of our bed trying to wake up. She wagged and wagged and wagged and wagged her tail to the point her hind end was moving with it, and then she tucked her head into me when I crouched on the floor to greet her, her tail still wagging and wagging and wagging!!! She surpassed the significant waggage of yesterday and entered into major waggage! Unbelievable. What a way to wake up, she makes my day, everyday. Our parade headed to the kitchen to make coffee, and she went straight to her feeding spot and looked up at me with an eager face as if to ask, "fill 'er up, please?" After they all came in from the morning pee, she inhaled her huge breakfast and went straight to the back door with the pack, ready to go out for the morning poop. She had an almost normal stool, and again it missed bouncing off her hind leg, yaaay! Hind leg is wobbling a little bit less this morning, and it's almost normal size, can you believe this girl's speed of healing? Incision still looks really great, no redness or swelling or discharge of any kind. And... last night after we came in from the last walk around the yard she gave me a KISS on the face!!!!

What a privilege this is to have this girl in our lives, I don't know who's doing more healing; me or her.

Here's Fancy with a very stylish soft and cushiony (I don't care if it's not a word) collar with a colorful country print. It provides a perfect pillow wherever she goes so she doesn't have to drag out the one from her room. Thank goodness. Thanks, Glenn.

. . .

Tuesday, May 25, 2010. As noted at the top of the page, there is currently an eBay auction underway to benefit Fancy by helping with her hospital bills and ongoing recovery costs. Check it out, and spread the word!

Now, on to today's update from Lisa.

Good morning fans of Fancy,

Not only did Fancy have major waggage, she also added KISSES to her repertoire first thing this morning when she woke up and came to me. And that's not all; on the way to the back door for everyone's first outing, she scooped up a stuffy and carried it to the door, holding it in her mouth while I leashed her up! Fortunately the camera was close by, see attached and cry, lol.

Hardly any swelling left in her hind leg, incision still looking awesome, and she is wobbling even less today than last night. She's getting up and laying down a little easier and has tried out every dog bed in the house. Paris, and sometimes the blind cat, often prefer to nap on the bed inside Fancy's pen when Fancy is out of it, lol. Fancy is a chow hound and knows all the sounds that mean food, like the pantry door and treat cabinet opening. When it's time to eat she goes to the pantry door and looks up at the doorknob, I think she's scheming how to open it.

The other photo is Fancy making sure Poly, our other cat who is extremely skittish, finished all her breakfast. While Kee the blind cat is never intimidated by any dog, Poly will only be out and about when she knows a dog is safe, she's our barometer, and made herself visible immediately when Fancy arrived.

Boy is this fun.

. . .

Thursday, May 27, 2010. From Lisa...

Good morning from FancyWorld,

Yesterday Fancy had a visit from some of her biggest fans and she actually came right up to Candy and licked her hand. After some lunch, she chose a bed to lie down on and listened to everyone talk about how amazing and sweet and beautiful she is. I think I saw her head swell.

There is no swelling in her leg anymore and the incision gets smaller everyday, still looking great. She's stylin' in the jester collar when one of us is not right there watching because she is wanting to lick it now and then, must be itching. I massage all around it and swear sometimes she says, "aaah yes, right there." She enjoys the massages on her leg, and everywhere else, and sometimes asks for more when I stop, with the typical placement of a front leg on my hand (me: awwww).

This morning she came up to me first thing with major wagging of her tail, hugs around my neck, and kisses on my face, very happy to see me and begin another exciting day. She's looking less anorexic today and I'm anxious to see what she'll weigh by the time her check up comes next week on Friday. We're doing our very very slow walks around the back yard for 5 mins at a time, 4-5 times each day, and she's ready to stop at the end of 5 mins. Gracie, one of our other greys, sometimes strolls along side wondering why we're moving at a snail's pace, and often runs circles around us to entice us into picking up the pace. Fancy's squatting lower when she potties now, so her leg must be feeling better and getting stronger.

She's in her pen when I need to leave the house, but otherwise she is in the same room with everyone else, bed-hopping with the rest of the pack. She's sleeping through the night now, and sleeping a lot during the day, but what greyhound doesn't? Today is one week since we brought her home from the hospital, I cannot believe how far she has come!!!

. . .

Saturday, June 5, 2010. Fancy continues to settle in with her new family. An update from Lisa:


Fancy's 2nd week check up today was great. They removed the stitches and Dr. Aragon was very impressed with how well Fancy is walking already. He said she's a great candidate for physical therapy/rehab; his expectations for her are to be living a normal life and be pain-free. We have an appointment next Friday with Dr. Laura Hady who will do some measuring to see where Fancy is at now, and come up with a plan for her, ie underwater treadmill, etc., plus she'll show us some new exercises we can do at home. She said they usually do a 4-6 program with once/week visits and results are normally seen right away. Dr. Aragon said Dr. Hady is one of the top 3 in the state.

The initial visit is around $150 and the subsequent visits are $55.

This morning Fancy tossed around a stuffy again while I made breakfast, in addition to 2 other play moments during the day. She is becoming a little more active and playful everyday. Every morning begins with lots of tail wagging and shoving her head into me, with some kisses thrown in, she's just adorable in the morning. And as I'm typing this from the couch, I'm watching her get herself into a great roach, aaaand she flopped over. Every day is more fun than the last.

. . .

Tuesday, June 8, 2010. From Lisa...

Wow, the generosity and kindness of all you wonderful people continues to warm my heart. This little girl (not so little anymore) is healing to what we hope will be a completely normal life free of pain, and it is because of the efforts of so many - some are making generous donations and purchases and running the auction to pay for the over $5k medical bills, some were searchers, some were at home base fielding all the calls, many posterered, and many were residents who made the calls with sightings. Fancy is so deserving of all the care and love she is receiving, what a sweet, sweet girl!

Fancy continues to improve every day, still wobbly and both hind leg muscles are thin, but she's walking a little bit better than the day before. She cheats and hops when she wants to get across the room quicker, but she's using that leg more on her own otherwise. We're doing our very slow walks, several short ones each day to continue to build her strength. We haven't ventured out front of the house yet, all our walks are in the back yard, but soon we'll be graduating to longer walks and will be outgrowing the back yard. She's so shy that I'm expecting her to be scared of all the new sights and sounds, but she will be in between our other 2 greys, Paris and Gracie, whom she definitely gains confidence from - safety in numbers, lol. I'm looking forward to her first rehab therapy this Friday. Fancy's growing some hair finally, and the lightest colors are the first to come in, the darker spots are still nubs. She'll be looking like a patchwork quilt soon, will have to get pics of that!

She picks up one stuffy after another every morning when she wakes up just full of excitement, and she gives those kind of hugs where she crams her face into me and moves her face around back and forth, while I rub on her. She's just precious in the morning. When she plays, her ears flop all over the place, I'm attaching a (blurry and fuzzy) picture that shows her ears laying on top of her head, Kent calls this her comb over.

. . .

Friday, June 11, 2010. Lisa writes...


We just got home from Fancy's first physical therapy rehab session and she did great! Dr. Hady showed me how to do our homework. We have new massage techniques to do, range of motion exercises, and walking exercises where we have to do circles around a chair, weaving in and out of 4 chairs, and other similar things.

Dr. Hady started with heat and massage which got Fancy relaxed and comfortable, and after a few minutes she accepted the snacks covered with cheezwiz that she'd previously turned her frightened face away from. Some measurements were taken so we have a baseline, and we moved into the workout. Fancy was agreeable to everything and fully participated with all the exercises and obstacle courses we walked around and through which encourage her to shift weight to her right hind leg. The last thing she did was the water treadmill and Fancy really did great! Dr. Hady said some dogs like it and others don't, so we are glad that it's something that will be okay with Fancy because it's so beneficial. After the treadmill stopped, but before draining the water, Dr. Hady bathed Fancy with herbal shampoo and dried her off with lots more lovings. Fancy will be pulling me in there next time no doubt!

I'm attaching a video I took from my phone. You would all be so proud of her, she was not near as nervous today as I expected her to be, she was pretty darn confident in herself!

She's gained 6 lbs and is looking so much better, and she's still gaining :)

. . .

Thursday, June 17, 2010. From Lisa...

Good morning,

Today I was awakened by a wet nose and kisses from Fancy as she was sticking her face into mine and nosing her way under the covers that were hanging off the side of the bed, her tail whipping around in propeller mode. Mornings around here are the most delightful time of the day. She was grabbing for my clothes while I attempted to get dressed, and flinging her head around with her mouth open, looking for anything to put in it. She grabbed the nearest stuffy from the floor and shook it and ran to her bed with it. Then she grabbed another, and another, shaking them and taking them one by one to her pile on her bed.

While I fixed their breakfast, she kept taking a stuffy to the door so I thought she needed a 2nd potty break so I opened the door and let her take the stuffy outside with her. She ran and jumped (on 3 legs) around in the yard tossing and shaking this stuffy until Kent and I were teary eyed with laughter. It was the most adorable scene to watch and went on for 3 or 4 minutes. She was having an absolute blast out there being a puppy. Occasionally she'd pause at our laughter and stop mid-pounce and look up at us with her out-of-control ears laying crisscrossed on the top of her head. Of course the camera was in the other room.

Yesterday was her 2nd time at physical therapy and she did 5:17 minutes in the underwater treadmill after we learned some new and more difficult exercises to do at home. She was worn out after this one. Next week Dr. Hady said we'll try the balance board to see if she'll do that.

I'm attaching a picture from a few days ago where I did catch her with a stuffy in her mouth. This one was taken right after she won the stuffy in a tug-of-war with our token non-greyhound, little Toby. Tomorrow I will put the camera in my pocket to capture the frolicking, hopefully.

She has wonderful striping coming in on her hind leg where her hair is growing back, and her scar looks so great that I think it will be hardly noticeable when it's covered with hair. Her weight continues to increase, although they did not weigh her yesterday, she is certainly a lot less bony and still has a ravenous appetite.

All our short walks (up to 8 minutes) and the exercises we do (circles, weaving in and out of a line of obstacles...) are helping her to be very good on a leash. She'll be a delight to take for walks when we're ready for hitting the neighborhood. I took them all out to get nails trimmed and she did really great walking in between Gracie and Paris, full of confidence. When her turn came, she was a real trooper; her face was long and she kept her eyes on me the whole time, but she didn't flinch at all.

It's one joyful day after another in the Elrod household and just when I think she can't get any cuter, she proves me wrong.

. . .

Sunday, June 20, 2010.

. . .

Monday, June 21, 2010. From Lisa...

Some photos of Fancy's playing in the yard that I took yesterday in between filming the video. Do you love those ears?

Jen: you made me really laugh with your question about if those are her ears, or if she has a bat on top of her head!

. . .

Saturday, June 26, 2010. Lisa says...


Here are two pics of Fancy with another stuffy, she plays with them several times a day now. In addition to her first-thing-in-the-mrorning romp in the yard, she now shops in the two basket fulls we have in the dining room, where she searches for just the right one, runs to her favorite bed and plays with it, then leaves it on the bed and goes back shopping again. She ends up with ALL the stuffies on her bed. The romps in the backyard now occur several times a day, she is SO playful! Hope you enjoy these.

. . .

Sunday, July 11, 2010. Here's an update from Lisa on Fancy at Week 7...


We survived the 4th of July weekend and the biggest blast we had was watching Fancy running and playing in the yard without a care in the world, fireworks with booms and pops going off in the neighborhood and she's tossing a stuffie around! Surprised us to say the least.

Fancy had a great phys therapy work out this week and is up to 55.6 lbs. Dr. Hady measured Fancy's range of motion and also her thigh circumference and since 6/11/10 (first phys ther), her left leg has grown from 31 cm to 35 cm, and her right leg 26 cm to 32 cm. Dr. Hady said is really really great for only 7 weeks! Fancy is up to 13 minutes on the water treadmill and exercises at home now include the balance board, a.k.a. sq. board of torture, and the tunnels of terror, which Fancy is equally not fond of but participates nonetheless. Next week they'll take an x-ray for her full 8 week check up.

Here is a video of this week's water aerobics.

She's playful more and more. She steals the toys right out of little dog Toby's mouth, so now he's taken to running under tables and chairs to keep her from snagging his prized possession. Toby puts up a good tug-of-war battle before losing to her, and then he'll go get another, only to have Fancy show up and want that one too. We are constantly entertained around here.

Here is a video of Fancy "waiting" for her breakfast to be made. (A hungry kitty is also expressing her desire for a quicker breakfast in the background.)

Enjoy! Lisa

. . .

Tuesday, July 20, 2010.

Fancy now weighs a whopping 57.4 lbs and is doing marvelous. She did 13 minutes on the underwater treadmill last week and has been released from physical therapy. They took x-rays for her 8-week checkup and said everything looked really good. It will take some months for her leg to gain the muscle and strength that she'll ultimately have but, at 8 weeks, she is doing remarkably well. We're to keep increasing the distance of her walks and add hills and steps and pick up the pace as she is able to.

Here's a couple pics of her with a new stuffy she played with until she needed a nap in the lawn. She squeaked and squeaked and squeaked this toy until she ran out of juice. Sadly, the next day she loved this toy to death; it was in shreds.

Here is a quick clip of her stealing a toy from Toby, poor little guy never has a chance, ha ha!

. . .

New updates will be posted in the evenings as they are received from NMGC. As mentioned at the top of the page, if you're interested in donating to NMGC to help with the costs of Fancy's recovery, please visit our Contact page for donation details.