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Upcoming Events!

Check back soon for more scheduled Meet & Greet events as we try to beat the summer heat!

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You can now use your Smiths Rewards Card to support NMGC. Just sign up at the following link:

This doesn't affect your coupons or gas points; every time you shop, Smiths will make a donation to NMGC. Click the link above, sign in to your Rewards Card account, and designate Greyhound Pets of America New Mexico as the recipient of your points. Four times a year, Smiths will send the group a check. It couldn't be easier. Help the hounds by shopping at Smiths.


Please email: if you are interested in meeting one of our hounds outside of a scheduled Meet & Greet.

New logo!

Here is our new logo. Soon, you will also be able to order long-sleeved T-shirts, sweatshirts/hoodies, and polo shirts.

Some of our other favorite links...

Visit the new website, All About Greyhounds. We are a group of Greyhound lovers and enthusiasts who are involved in all facets of the Greyhounds lives including racing, coursing, the show ring, adoption and as pets. Over the years we have seen a great deal of misinformation regarding the Greyhound and on this website we endeavor to impart the true facts about the Greyhound through fact and first-hand knowledge and experience. "Elegant Wear for Elegant Hounds"
Greyhound Pets of America
Greyhounds Make Great Pets forum (pedigrees, some performance info)
NGA (National Greyhound Association)
AGC (American Greyhound Council)
Greyhound Studies (original artwork & clothing)
Aid 4 Greys

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